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Paul Cullen02/01/2009Dublin City Council has tentatively committed itself to providing a much-needed playground in Inchicore this year.
Those of you who have followed this long saga will remember that local residents have been pressing for some years for a playground in the village, most likely in the park on Grattan Crescent. While there has been plenty of consultation, not much has resulted in the form of results on the ground.
Last year, the council said it would provide a playground in the park but, crucially, tied the facility to the construction of apartments around the park and the building of a walkway along the Camac. Both these projects are likely to take years, especially in the current economic climate, so residents sought a go-ahead for the playground on a standalone basis.

In further talks with council officials, they agreed to the possibility of a temporary playground on another site until the park project went ahead.

Now, however, local area manager Bruce Phillips has indicated that it may be possible to go ahead with the playground in the park on Grattan Crescent before any of the other elements are put in place.

If this is possible, he says after discussions with the council's parks department, the playground would be a permanent facility and would not need removal at a later stage to facilitate the redevelopment of the park.

Contract documents for the project are being prepared. "Given favourable outcomes regarding the project constraints we hope to construct the facility in 2009," according to Mr Phillips.

This is the previous news article on this subject posted: Wednesday 5th November, 2008

Dublin city council has indicated it may erect a "temporary" playground for young children in the area pending the redevelopment of the park in Grattan Crescent.
Local people have been pushing for some time to have a playground built in the village or near it. Inchicore is drastically underprovided with facilities for children and other young people, with the nearest decent playground to be found in far-off Phoenix Park.
Initially, the council seemed amenable to the provision of a playground in Grattan Crescent, where the existing park is little used and to some extent an eyesore.
However, it sought to link this to the development of the surrounding area with apartments and the creation of a linear walk along the Camac towards Kilmainham Jail.
While the latter two projects have their merits, they are unlikely to be realised for some years to come, given the current economic climate and the complexities of land ownership, etc. As a result, it could also take years for a playground to be provided.
Thankfully, after concerned local residents made their feelings known in the issue, the council now says it is considering providing a temporary playground until the park is properly development.
A number of sites are being considered, including the park itself and sites in the CIE Estate.
Paul Cullen14/05/2009The update on this project is that there is no news so far.

According to Dublin City Council, they are awaiting funding for the project.
Louise15/05/2009At the last consultation I was told 'the money is sitting there', I confirmed that this meant the community gain fund that has already been paid by developers in the area. It is all very frustrating!
parent18/05/2009we were told 2 years ago that money is there for the playground.
it is very frustrating, not having a playground for the little ones in inchicore. nearest decent playgorund is in phoenix park. my idea of the playground is a local playground that we walk to and meet the children from the area.
parent18/03/2010i heard that dcc will build the playground in grattan crescent park, the work should commence in april 2010 and should last for 10 weeks. that would be fantastic! playground is badly needed in this area.
Michael O'Flanagan18/03/2010I'm delighted that a playground is finally coming to Inchicore. My children are 24,32,36 and 38 years old..... now that's a long time to wait for a playground. In 1975 we took up a petition to have a pedestrian crossing at the Library on Emmet road..... and we were told that "there's no history of fatalities on the road" by DCC.... so we are still waiting.
Jo23/03/2010The City confirmed yesterday that work will be starting on the Grattan Crescent Playground next week, and that it should be up and running in 6 weeks or so. At last - some community gain...
Michael O'Flanagan29/03/2010Would that be Gotham City?