building insurance cie works?

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jane04/12/2012Hi there. We are in the process of buying a house in the CIE works but are finding it difficult to get building insurance as the houses are so old. Any of the brokers/companies I have talked to have said the house would have to be re-plummed, a new roof put on and re-wired in the last 20 years before they would give us a quote. Has anyone been in a similar situation/found an insurance company who will give them building insurance? Any information would be a great help. Thanks!!
Kathleen Currivan07/12/2012If the house is unoccupied during repair work this may be the real difficulty. I had to insure a house which was in probate recently, no refurbishment involved, but occupancy was an issue with the insurance people.
Oisin13/12/2012We had the same problem recently when buying a house here. sorted us out in 24 hours though.
Kathleen Currivan15/12/2012If you can get someone to part-occupy the house, this should satisfy the insurance until you have all the work done and can move in. A sort of caretaker arrangement might suit someone if the house is habitable at all..A named person to take the normal responsibility. They are just very wary of a premises being insured and then forgotten about..
Paul 17/12/2012O'Brien Finlay is an insurance broker who was helpful to me when we were in a similar situation with builders going into an old house. In a situation like this, a broker is useful to save all the legwork.