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adrian18/11/2012hi thinking of buying a apt in berrys close, can anyone tell me anything about it? is it well kept, safe etc?
evelyne phelan21/11/2012Would love to say the general area is nice but I live in berrys close bought in 2006 and whilst the apartment complex is nice unfortunately the antisocial behaviour on the road (spa road) and around is very unpleasant. There have been meetings with the local Kilmainham Gardai so maybe check it out from them.
Good Luck
adrian22/11/2012thank you for info, i live in the area and it can be a bit dodge alright, the apartments seem to be well looked after? would you say the management company of the complex is doing a good job? would anything about the complex it self put you off buying, thanks again
Patrick Leahy23/11/2012Hi Adrian, I own an apartment in Berry's Close. In my view the apartments are very well built and the managemt company is good (considering what other mgmt co's are like!). There are also alot of owner-occupiers in BC which means residents are more interested in it's general upkeep. Good luck with the purchase!
adrian24/11/2012thank you very much for the info,all sounds good, i feel from yer info it would be a good buy?
evelyne phelan03/12/2012Adrian, 3 apartments have been handed back to Dublin City Council as owners bought under shared mortgage on affordable scheme so your best price would be from them. We would welcome owner occupier rather than they go to social housing.
adrian03/12/2012thanks very much, have you any idea how i could get info from dcc on the sale of these propertys?
evelyne phelan21/12/2012Tony Flynn, DCC . These apts were originally under affordable but many have been sold on. DCC have repossessed in the courts no. 23 (2 bedroomed) so I guess you could contact them
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