New National Children's Hospital for Dublin 8! Yes !!

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DK06/11/2012Glad to hear that it was announced today that the Cabinet has accepted the proposal of the Minister for Health for the location of the new National Children's Hospital in on the site near St James' Hospital in Dublin 8. This will be of huge benefit to Dublin 8 in terms of rejuvenation and facilities. Well done to everybody who supported the proposed location.
Judi08/11/2012I'm not so sure this will result in any rejuvination, in fact the opposite is more likely to happen.
The areas areound the Mater and James hospitals (being the 2 inner city hospitals) are derelict and full of social problems, this is not a conincidence and show that hospital developments tend to have a nagative affect on the local built and social environment.

There are many reasons why this is so and for the same resons this new Childrens Hospital could result in further dereliction and social deprevation in surrounding neighbourhoods.

I think this is something that local politicians should engage with
Punch08/11/2012The new hospital will be a superb addition to Dublin 8 and in addition to being a cutting edge pediatric centre conveniently located for all the families in Dublin 8, it will provide significant employment in the area with the consequent improvements to infrastructure, local shops and residential accommodation.

Paul Cullen wrote in the Irish Times yesterday that the new Hospital happened to be located in any Minister's constituency, which it is not, then the Government would be accused of pork barrel politics.

The former Taoiseach was very successful in 2006 as a result of his efforts to locate the new Children's Hospital in the Mater, right in the middle of his constituency. Are you saying he was campaigning so hard so that his constituency would become more run down?

Talk soon Judi, my friendly troll.
Judi08/11/2012Well Well my arch rival Punch!
Are you call me a troll how ridiculous.

Yesterday I read this letter in the Irish times, which I thought intersting and cant really argue with.
The contributor makes a good argument that a the hospital project will have a detrimental affect on its surrounding based on the actual experience of other hospitals in Dublin.
Ignore this at your own peril punch!
Local Voter21/05/2013Michael Conaghan TD send a flyer through letterboxes in the neighbourhood today. Here's a quote from it:

"This new Hospital will see a massive 500 million investment in this area, the single biggest building project this Government will undertake. It's like a huge multi-national company setting up in the area."

He says there will be 2,500 construction jobs and thousands more jobs to the area once the hospital is up and running.

He goes on to say:

"As well as the jobs created directly, it will have a huge knock-on effect on local bsuinesses, local shops, cafes, resturaunts and other businesses will get a major boost from new customers. I will work with St. James's to ensure that as many new jobs as possible go to local people"

I note the debate already here on this thread. Personally, I beleive the new hospital will bring welcome economic benefits to the area.