Oak House

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Jackie O'Neill29/10/2012Hi,
I have recently moved to Oak House, Seven Oaks, Sarsfield Road in Inchicore - opposite Liffey Gaels.
This is an old Georgian house that was once a stately home I can only assume. Does anyone know any history of this house?
FM30/10/2012It was a convent and had a small oratory inside. Where the apartments are is what were the grounds / gardens of the convent were.
DK30/10/2012Welcome to Inchicore. That's right about that house on sarsfield road having been a convent. Prior to it being a convent, I'm informed that it was part of the Great Southern & Western Railway complex. The railway company secretary, or a high ranking railway company director, and his family lived there.
JW02/11/2012Here's a photo of the convent from years back http://www.flickr.com/photos/ballyfermot/2222029890/in/photostream/ if you're interested in its history take a look at the planning application lodged to Dublin City Council.
DK07/11/2012Did a planning search on Dublin City Council's website (it's planning ref 0909/02). Unfortunately the planning documents are not available online for this reference. This means a trip to the planning office in DCC would be necessary to view the documents.

What I can tell you is that the Engineer-in-chief to the Great Southern and Western Railway Company was based in Sevenoaks House on Sarsfield Road in the early 1900s. See: http://www.dia.ie/architects/view/2214

I can only assume that Sevenoaks House was originally built by the Great Southern and Western Railway Company for its top brass.

The trees imported from the Kybher Pass region of India made a nice backdrop for the walk to work on the laneway beside Sevenoaks House. That's how that laneway became known as the Khyber Pass