Inchicore as a place to bring up children

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EMur03/10/2012Hi there,

We are looking at buying a house in the New Year (all going well). I have been looking at places and was wondring what Inchicore is like in terms of raising children. I had been looking further outside the city but have seen some lovely houses in Tyrconnell Park which seem to be in our price range.

How do people feel about the schools, any anti-social behaviour and a general idea as to how people view Inchicore as a family place?


Inchicore mam09/10/2012I moved into that Tyrconnell Park a few years ago and it is really nice and friendly street. Very quiet, lovely neighbours. Never any trouble. Residents a mix of generational Inchicore people and newbies like me. Only a few little kids but all young so you don't see them out playing much except perhaps in the old playground near Railway Avenue.

There are a couple of mum and baby groups in the De Mazenod Centre (in parochocial house opposite St. Michael's church) and in the new Community centre and I have met some great people there who are also new to the community. I only have experience of Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal and I can highly recommend it. It is a great school. The new playground in the village is always busy although I was dissappointed it just got rubber mats over grass as it can be very mucky at certain times of the year. I think overall Inchicore has a good sense of community and there are lots of things going on which make it a nice place to bring up kids. The village itself missed out on proper re-development during the boom and is lacking somewhat. Tyrconnell Road/Inchicore Road is nicely presented. It looks neglected on Eurospar end of Emmett Road and indeed it is not the nicest part of Inchicore streching back to where St. Michael's Est was but I think overall all of the other parts of Inchicore are very nice and safe and quiet pleasant to live in. I would probably be concerned more for tweenies/teenagers as I don't know enough about whats available to them or what secondary shcools like to be honest.
emer28/10/2012Thanks a lot for that. It's definitely a place we'll be considering in the New Year! E