Christmas morning swim in the Grand Canal , Inchicore.

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Sharon.28/11/2008Hi !
For the 32nd consecutive year , a swim will be held in the Grand Canal at Inchicore (opposite Kellys/The Black Horse Inn pub) on Christmas morning . The event officially starts at 12 Noon , although , in their haste to 'get it over with' , some of the swimmers have been known to jump in as early as half eleven!
The organisers - the CABHAIR group - will , as usual , supply a few snacks and something to wash them down with (!) and will have a small turf fire to provide heat for all . Music will be provided , as will 'the Craic' ! All Welcome!
Sharon.26/12/2008Hi !
All went well yesterday at the Swim - we had decent-enough weather (it stayed dry!) ,a good turn-out and a great atmosphere!
Reports and about 30 different pics can be viewed on the following links-

Mick Farrell27/12/2008Got up just after 12, but just missed the swimming (to look at, I mean). My kids were impressed with the Santy Claus with the real beard.
Sharon.28/12/2008Hi Mick!
Glad you and the kids made it - hope there was some 'refreshments' left for ye when you got there?
And of course our Santa would have a real beard , Mick - sure he's the real McCoy...

Sharon16/12/2009Hi all !
The 33rd consecutive CABHAIR swim will be held this coming 25th December (2009) - details as per the first post on this thread , and more info here-

Sharon27/12/2009Hi all !
We had a very cold , noisy and hectic four hours at the 2009 Christmas Swim - details here :
Paul27/12/2009I'm very impressed. The canal was largely frozen over and swimming there would have been much tougher than in the sea. Anyone bring a thermometer for the water?
Sharon27/12/2009Hi Paul !
A couple of feet away from where we actually entered the water , it was still frozen over as we left , at about 2pm !
The only 'thermometer' we had with us was of the human variety - and the only 'reading' that gave us was "Bleedin' Freezing" ;-) !
But they'll still do it again , next year.