Canal Clean Up 29th Sep

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Ian Stevenson26/09/2012Hi All,

A canal clean up will take place on Saturday morning meeting at the B.E.R.A building at 10.30. Bags and gloves will be provided.

Would be great to see you there.


Helen03/10/2012Great to see the enthusiasm and the good turn out for the recent canal clean up. Thanks to Ian & Vincent again. At this stage, thought it would be a good idea to look ahead with some sort of focus and plan. How best to harness the enthusiasm and energy? To help with this, there will be a get-together on Tuesday evening 16th October at 7.30p.m.This will take place in the deMazenod Centre, Bulfin Road (opposite St. Michael's church) It will be facilitated by Alex Duffy, who has a great deal of experience in working with environmental and community groups.
Fiona08/11/2012When is the next clean up meeting taking place is it Nov 13th or 14th?
I went along to the last meeting and I know another one was organised for mid November but I wasnt sure of the date and time.
Helen09/11/2012The follow up meeting of the environmental group will take place on Tuesday evening next, 13th November. 7.30 p.m.The venue is the deMazenod Centre, Bulfin Road ( as before) From this meeting, the group hope to begin planning a course of action for the coming Spring. If you haven't already got involved, and if you too wish to see a cleaner & healthier local environment, please come along.