Safety meeting with DCC, Gardai etc

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Jo Homewood28/11/2008This week 5 residents met with DCC, the gardai, local councillors and CIE to discuss the safety and security issues at the Wicket Gate and North Terrace. The residents included all points of view on the gate - those who would be for closure and those who would be against. The discussion threw up ideas, the ownership of the wall was discussed, (which appears to still be a grey area between DCC and CIE) and it was made clear by DCC that the wall is a protected structure. Among the ideas discussed were such things as better lighting, cutting back vegetation, better cleaning, the gate as it is at the moment, an idea to open up the area by making a vehicular access to Sarsfield Road, and the ultimate possibility of closure - which is a long process and on which DCC make the final ruling.
Any closure of the right of way would mean that the council would no longer
be responsible for that area. This would not apply to North Terrace as a whole, but to the footpath at the end of the terrace. Gating of any form
other than the gate presently in place represents a closure of the right of
way. Letters from the Club and from Gerry O'Rourke opposing any closure of the gate were read into the meeting.
It was recorded that North Terrace has suffered 31% of all recorded crime on
the estate in the last 5 years.
Sgt McGee was the garda representative there and suggested that the Crime Prevention Officer visits the gate and surrounding area - including the lane between North and South Terrace and draws up a report which would include recommendations. This report would then be circulated to all at the meeting, and then a follow up meeting would be held to discuss action.
The simple aspects that would be likely to be included would include cutting
back of vegetation, better cleaning and better lighting. The owners of the
gardens would be responsible for cutting back vegetation overhanging the laneway. The council would be responsible for lighting improvements, and would be able to afford this if the amounts were low - but if recommendations were made for expensive lighting (ie 10-15,000) then it would seem that the budget might not be there.
Better cleaning would be the responsibility of the council, and it was
explained by DCC that within the last year the council's street cleaning policy had been changed to give more emphasis (ie resources) to main
thoroughfares and centres at the expense of residential areas - ie Inchicore Village should be spotlessly clean, but we shouldn't expect to be cleaned as regularly. (It was pointed out that a commitment made some years ago to clean the wicket gate each Monday had never been held to, long before the revised cleaning policy.)
Sgt McGee anticipated that the report could be produced within the next two
weeks, so hopefully we will see it in that timescale, and we would then move on from there.
Matt O'Farrell16/12/2008I see Fianna Fail councillor Catherine Ardagh has been distributing leaflets in the estate boasting about her attendance at the meeting and her efforts to get the council to clean the gate and lane. What next - a personal visit from one of the many Ardagh reps in this part of Dublin? Methinks an election is coming...
Danny Keleher26/12/2008I live in Abercorn Square and was neither consulted about nor invited to attend this meeting between "5 residents" and DCC, the gardai, local councillors and CIE. I suggest a bit more transparency would be appropriate. We all want to improve security, but lets do it in a more open, democratic and transparent manner. Did the "5 residents" purport to be representing the views if the CIE Estate Residents Association ?
Danny Keleher27/12/2008Matt, I don't think it's fair to try and criticise Catherine Ardagh. She is doing very good work, namely letting people in the CIE estate know what is going on in their area and she is to be commended for that.
Jo Homewood27/12/2008Hi Danny - we are always looking for people to be actively involved in the residents association - if you let me have your contact details can let you know when our next meeting is and maybe you'd like to come along.
The residents were a cross section who represented many different opinions. As soon as the Crime Prevention Officer reports back then we will send a leaflet around to let everyone know what the recommendations are. We are still waiting for his report.
Danny Keleher27/12/2008Hi Jo, I'd love to become actively involved in the Residents Association. The CIE Estate is a super place to live in. I've now sent you a text with my contact details. Please do let me know when the next meeting is. Kind regards, Danny
Ciara Bradshaw27/04/2009Prior to the followup meeting I propose that the residents committee canvas opinions of residents in relation to this (a poster at the wicket gate with a mobile number to text would be an easy way of doing this). I would be strongly against the closure of the gate that I and many others (in particular pensioners) use daily to access the bus stop. I also have concerns that the meeting with the Gardai may have purported to portray the concerns of a few residents on North Terrace as being those of the whole estate.
Paul Cullen05/05/2009Ciara,
You're coming at this four months late. I think the decision from the meeting, by default, was to do nothing in relation to closing the Wicket Gate. There are valid reasons for considering such a closure, as mentioned earlier in the thread - security, vandalism, a serious attack on North Terrace - but there are also many people who use it for access daily. The point would be to find a solution to balance these competing considerations, but just now that doesn't seem possible.