miss Oblate Drive

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Jimmy Doyle18/07/2012Just read 2 books Heaps of trouble also Maggies Breakfast. enjoyed very much, but very sad at times in the 1950/60 when things was hard to make ends meat.
Our ma's was the backbone of the familys while the men was at work. Thank god CIE was in Inchicore. I left for the UK in 1967 22 years old and been here since.
Reason why i said i miss Inchicore when Ma & Da pass on there is no reason to go . Inchicore has very happy memories apary from school which i cant memember much of it only the Leather on the hand by the same name sake Doyle ( head ) and a sore backside from the cane. things have moved on.
fran branagan18/07/2012hi jimmy,
was your brother dollar doyle,we were pals for years.
Jimmy Doyle19/07/2012Hi Fran.
Yes Dollar is my younger brother . Dollar lives in Kildare now. Domnic was still at school wehen i went to England. I married a girl from Drimagh, 45 years later we have 3 children and 5 grandkids. I heard of the Branagans were did you live.
Mrs B Harris27/07/2012Hi, I attended Inchicore National School between 1947-1957 and am interested in contacting old school friends. If you have any information please email me.
Jimmy Doyle05/08/2012Hi Mrs B.
I went to the Oblates boys school and left about 1957 at that time i cant remember any girls attend our school hope it is of some help


JG10/10/2012Hi Jimmy,

If Dollar Doyle is your brother that would make you my Grand-Uncle. My Grandfather is Bernard who would be your oldest brother i suppose. He's 75 now and there's not a bother on him. It was his birthday last week and we got together and had a party. All our family was there, as was Christy Doyle's family, and Imelda and Monica Doyle, it was great craic. If you would like to send a massage on to my granda that'll be no problem. I can also send you some pictures of the family if you'd like also.

All the best,
Jimmy Doyle25/10/2012Hi Jeff.
What a nice supprise to hear from and knowing that Bernard is your granfather. Yes please do send him my regards, and please that they hah a get together for his 75th It been 2 weeks since i look at the Inchicore Info page.
Please send some photos not to sure how you send them you might be more gened up on how to do that kind of stuff.
Tell me more about your self and what you do. I lelt for the UK in march 1967 and is sad that been away one looses out on many things especially where family is consern and communitaion with family.
We had 3 children, Denise livers 20 miles away 2 children boy & girl, Louise lives in Dubai 1 daughter, Robert lives in Aberdeen 2 boys. Weel thats a little about me, thanks again.

Jimmy Doyle25/10/2012Hi Jeff.
You can contact me by email if better for you. jp.doyle@outlook.com