History of Hollybrook House

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Liz Kelly12/07/2012Hi There, just wondering if anyone knows the history of Hollybrook House, 55 Naas Road. Just opened a counselling centre and it is a listed building, so we would be really interesed in the history. To date all we found out is the lady who lived here used to nurse soliders back to heath. So we would be delighted to find small piece of information. Many thanks
stephen lynam28/09/2013Hi, email me. Have info on holly brook house between 1930 to 1955
Rory Maguire27/01/2014Hello,
I'm interested in any information on Hollybrook house too. My partner's mother's family used to own the house in the 40s/50s/60s. We trying to find any pictures of it and sourrounding areas. Her father used to own a bottling plant in Inchicore called Elite Bottlers but I can't find anything online.

Look forward to any info you may have.
Shay Murphy19/08/2015Hi, Robert Holland, a former IRA veteran is stated as living there in 1949. His witness statement is available here.

Chris M19/08/2015Hi ...

I'm not sure if this is same Hollybrook... but I have following entries for the brother [Christopher Mulven Warren] of my g-g-grandfather [Gerald Patrick Warren]

Hope it helps!

* * *

Christopher M Warren
~ res 21 Ormond Quay & Hollybrook, Goldenbridge
~ occ Printer and Publisher
[cit "The Dublin Almanac, and general register of Ireland 1847"]

1847 Griffith's Valuation
~ tenant Unoccupied
~ landlord Christopher Warren
[cit Griffith's Valuation - position on page 55; printing date 1847; act 9 & 10; sheet 18,22; map ref 2]

Christopher M Warren
~ res 21 Ormond Quay, upper & Hollybrook, Co Dublin
~ occ Wholesale Bookseller, Printer and Publisher
[cit "Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory", p 782 & p 1034, 1850]
Chris M26/02/2016I continue to find snippets / news articles about Hollybrook House... up for sale in 1867, address of CM Warren Jan 1869; his son Francis B Warren was shot in chest (lived) when 3 men broke in Oct 1920; res of sons of CMW (Francis B Warren & John Joseph Warren Oct 1920). I think both died in the mid 20's.

I also would love to have copies of photos, doc.s or info passed along.... Thx!
Ciara Mcmanus 14/03/2016Hi,
My great grandfather lived in this house. He and his three brothers took part in the 1916 rising. I have a copy of statements they made after the rising if you are interested?
Stephen Lynam14/03/2016Hi Ciara,
Its a small world as my grandfather is the man your speaking of, he lived in hollybrook, we must be related :)
David Duffy08/01/2017
I came across the info posted re Christopher M. Warren on this thread in reference to Hollybrook House : he was my Great Great Grandfather :

My mother is Josephine Duffy (nee Warren)
Her father was John Fransic Warren
His father was Michael Aloysious Warren
His father was Christopher Mulven Warren

Would love to get any info available on him - did he live at Hollybrook House ?
Any info on his children, and how they fared in live etc.

Yours sincerely, David Duffy
087 2846299
H. Horan21/01/2019My granny lived in holly brook she moved in when she was approx 7 years of age, back in around 1936 or so. Her father bought it from a fr. Warren I believe. Her father was Robert holland.
H. Horan21/01/2019Back then the house came with a house keeper named marcella.
Robert bought that house with his first wife Helena (lena)
H. Horan28/01/2019Hi I would really appreciate some help.......
My granny grew up in hollybrook house. I would really love to bring her to visit the house and see what it's like on the inside now.
Does anyone know who is in hollybrook now? If it's a business, if it was i would contact them to see if it was possible.
I have emailed the car showroom murphy and sons but I'm not sure if they are in the house or at the back of it. I emailed them but they havnt replied.
Any help would be appreciated.