Litter outside Eurospar on Spa road.

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Louise01/07/2012I hadn't walked around this part of Inchicore in a good while and was shocked today to see to amount of litter outside the Eurospar traling all the way up to the Tramyard on Spa road. It would take the management of Eurospar very little effort to clean up outside their premises a couple of times a day,they seem to be making enough profit from the area anyway.I don't know why people living around there let them away with it?
cval08/07/2012its actually the children from the top of the roadthat are doing littering not anyone in the tramyards. the management do need to do something about this i agree
Helen10/07/2012A small number of Inchicore residents have recently come together in an effort to tackle the litter problem in our area. We have arranged to meet next Tuesday evening, 17th July at 7.30p.m at the bus stop on Emmet Road outside St Michael's church. We plan to start with a clean-up of the village area, that hopefully will be the start of a ''keep Inchicore litter free' campaign.
Louise, we would love if you, and all who care for our environment, can join us on the evening. Helen