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Tim18/05/2012Long time lurker on this site but I see people here seem to have an interest in keeping the area tidy. I'm originally from a small town where have a tidy towns committee and have regular clean ups. Would there be such an appetite for one in Inchicore?

DK22/05/2012Hi Tim, I'm sure there is an appetite for this. A good starting point would be your residents' association. I reside in the CIE Estate. Where in Inchicore are you ?
LM22/05/2012There used to be an active business association but I am not sure if there still is?

I live on Emmet Road. We do a few clean ups ourselves and the city council have been very helpful providing bags, gloves, shovels etc and picking up the bags the next day. It's justthat i've been through towns down the country and the whole community seems to get involved and i was wondering could we get the same participation in Inchicore.
Mary Mc24/05/2012The business committee are no longer active as far as I know. There used to be an Inchicore Festival Committee, but that has ceased too. However I saw in a bulletin that there is a canal clean up sometime in June, so maybe that might be a start. Alas I won't be here.
Pat25/05/2012That canal clean up is on at11am on 9th June at Bulfin Hall
Siobhan28/05/2012I too am from a small country village which has a great tidy towns committee and great support from the community and the local national schools. I wouldn't underestimate the work involved. Just this evening I asked young fellas (10-11yrs) to stop throwing rubbish into the river in the War Memorial Gardens. I think if you could get some like minded people together along with local businesses and schools it would be a great start
Pat29/05/2012I totally agree with you. Children should be taught at home, but if that fails the schools should help with a litter campaign.
Maybe we should lobby the local TDs and the Council and see if we could get the place cleaned. The council usually have tubs of flowers but there is no point if the place is full of litter.
DK29/05/2012Just noticed some nice new flower tubs near the entrance to the playground at grattan crescent. How do we go about getting a tidy towns committee established, I wonder?
Fiona30/05/2012I'm sure we would have to put a group together ourselves (could be done via this forum) and make an application to tidytowns.ie to find out about registering the committee.

I would definitely be interested in joining such a group!
Sean30/05/2012Hi Fiona I'd definetly volunteer!
Helen Scott30/05/2012Canal Bank Clean -up. Saturday, 9th June Assembly point B.E.R.A. Hall.
Please see St. Michael's Parish newsletter for details
I hope to see a good turnout, hopefully the community can build on this and we can come together to do something about the littering of our area. Helen
Vincent H19/07/2012The village volunteer clean-up group will be meeting 31 July at 7.30pm then every two weeks during the summer to keep Inchicore tidy. We meet at the entrance to Camac Close opposite Timothy Crough's pub. We've had 2 successful clean-up days so far (along canal on 9 June and Emmet Rd / Spa Rd on Tuesday). Feel free to join in for an hour. Bags & gloves provided.
fiona23/07/2012Thanks for organising this Vincent. I wasn't able to make the last clean up on the 9th but I will definitely come along on the 31st. Its great to see someone taking action.
Pat24/07/2012I think we should thank Helen Scott who came up with the idea and orgainized the 2 clean ups so far. Well done, everyone talked about the dirt of the village but nobody did anything about it, until Helen
actually did something.
Vincent H01/08/2012We had another successful clean-up evening yesterday and hope to keep it up for the summer. Thanks to everyone who lent a hand. And yes, we're trying to keep the momentum on an initiative that Helen kickstarted, but now seems to be evolving into a community effort.
Patrick Kenneally17/04/2016Hi all. Are people still interested in setting up a tidy towns committee? I live on Sarsfield Road and would love to get involved. :)
Inchicore Environmental Group18/04/2016Hi Patrick,

Great to hear you are interested in this. We are a local environmental group that have been running for nearly four years. We do cleanups and maintain a few flowers and share information about events and try and create a network of likeminded individuals.

We are at www.inchicoreenvironmental.com, and also on facebook and twitter (https://www.facebook.com/InchicoreEnvironmentalGroup/ ) https://twitter.com/InchicoreEnviro

If you like drop us an email at
InchicoreEnvironmental AT gmail DOT com (written weird for anti-spam purposes)

We'd love to hear your ideas and see where we can help. We haven't really gone down the Tidy Towns route yet as there's a lot of work and we'd need more business buy-in but we'd certainly support anyone whose interested in taking it on.
All the best,