Community Games

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Debbie M10/05/2012Hi,

Currently no children living in the Inchicore area can participate in the Community Games as the area is not currently registered/insured. I was wondering if there was any interest from residents in registering the area? And if so can they reply to this thread? I would be interested in helping to register the area but we would need interest/participation from at least 30 - 40 children. There are a wide variety of competitions from athletics to swimming to chess. I feel it is unfortunate that none of the children in the area can enter this competition.

Many thanks.
Alan c24/05/2012I came accross some information on the Coucil website about Summer Projects:
"Summer Projects
We support and encourage areas in the organizing of summer projects during the months of July and August. The projects cater for children between 4 and 14 years of age and are organised and supervised by parents and volunteers from the respective areas.
Training and financial assistance is provided in partnership with Dublin City Council and the Catholic Youth Centre.

So if parents are still interested it would be worth contacting the Council or Catholic Youth Center and see if there is funding still available for this.