Problems with anti-social

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Paul Cullen11/11/2008The recent outbreak of a variety of anti-social behaviours, not to mention downright crime, is causing a lot of concern in the estate. Recent incidents include a vicious attack on a resident near the Wicket Gate, a number of burglaries, damage to cars, again near the Wicket Gate and a wave of graffiti.
Some feel the situation is so bad that the Wicket Gate needs to be closed off. This would involve Dublin city council agreeing to extinguishing the right of way. The gate could then be closed either permanently or partially through the use of key or keypad access, or some other acceptable and feasible method. It could, for example, remain open by day and closed at night.
Others, however, believe the Gate should remain open for the use of people coming and leaving the estate.
Still others favour the compromise of closing the gate except for access at certain times but point out that such options are hard to maintain.
Whatever the solution, something is going to have to be done to improve security in the estate. At present rates, it won't be long before a really serious attack takes place and then we'll all be sorry that we didn't take action.