Thomas Davis Court/ Tyrconnell Grove

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Pauline12/04/2012Greetings. I am a single, young woman looking to buy an apartment in the Thomas Davis Court estate. Can anyone, please advise what is the area like ? I have done some research regarding the St. Michael's Estate but unsure if the remaining 2 (old) buildings will be demolished ? Also, would like to investigate the case of unfinished development neighboring the T.D.Court but can not find who the developer is.. I will be grateful for any kind of replies.
Mary Mc12/04/2012The remaining block in St Michaels will be demolished, that's definite.The block behind Tyrone Pl hopefully will be occupied in the near future, The area is not bad
Pauline13/04/2012Thank you for your reply. I think I got it wrong, so the 2 blocks at the top of Spa road are not a part of St. Michael's ? These are Tyrone Place ? Will them be demolished ? It is amazing to see how the street (Thomas Davis) changes just meters after passing these flats from being extraordinary filthy/dirty to a bit more decent look. If these blocks are to stay there I don't see the area as 'not bad'. Got to see the behavior of younger people hanging around the area and there is no hope both for them and area, total demoralization.
Jim13/04/2012Hi Pauline,

The area isn't too bad but the council estates do bring down the area. For some reasons they love to make the place look like a tip!
Pauline14/04/2012Exactly. It is like crossing a magic boarder, just few meter away the street gets a bit more decent. I have made my decision about buying that place, can't really afford to go anywhere more 'posh'. Just wondering are the occupiers of Tyrone Place in any way reformable ? How cananyone just throw a packaging on the ground having a bin meters away or damage the bin itself ? I am going to apply the rule of, making it nice since you can get it nice, any ideas of how can this unsocial behavior be influenced ?
Davis Court resident15/04/2012Hi Pauline. I live in Davis Court myself, and would be glad to have a neighbour of your thinking!

There is an ongoing litter problem around the Spa Road/Thomas Davis St juntion, which looks really bad, also lots of graffiti. Litter problem also on St Vincent's St.

Mary Mc - do you know anything definite about the exmpty estate between Tyrone Place and Davis Court? I'd like to know what's happening there also...
Mary Mc15/04/2012I heard there were people looking at it recently. There was talk that it may go for social housing(not DCC). I think more people should get involved in residents ass and try and put pressure on DCC to clean up the area.
john16/04/2012Pauline it might be prudent not to invest in an apartment .There are many reasonably priced houses available in the Inchicore area .The service charge issue with many apartment developments is a gray area tread carefully .
Vincent H17/04/2012Hi Pauline,

Inchicore is a great area to buy into. The key is active citizenship (getting involved), as there are a number of residents' forums that you can get involved in to make sure that your concerns are addressed. The area is also backed up by a very pro-active Kilmainham Garda station, who ensures visible policing wherever they can.

In relation to the specific development you're hoping to buy into, I agree with John. Be sure to ask for recent audited financial accounts of the apartment block management company as well as certification that the management fees / service charges for the unit you're looking at are paid up.

Good luck with your purchase, and welcome to Inchicore!
Lynne23/01/2016I live i tryone court, regarding buying i would not. There are a lot of people, students mostly living in the blocks. a lpt of litter at the back, no one cares. noise and the area a little bit scary at times with big and can be aggressive dogs. Think serious before buying there are people coming and going all the time, with rents being so high.