Increased dog poo on inchicore terrace south and inchicore

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Deirdre09/04/2012Over the last few weeks I've noticed a big increase in the amount of dog poo on inchicore terrace south down as far as the traffic lights at the black lion. If you have a dog can you please remember to clean up after it for the sake of everyone who walks up and down this footpath.
AP11/04/2012Yes I too have noticed this. I have also noticed that quite a few dogs seem to 'walk themselves' up and down South Terrace so these could well be the culprit.
Fiona17/04/2012Its actually everywhere, from Emmet Road right down to Kilmainham SCR Road :-(
Roisin13/06/2012The dog poo problem has gotten ridiculous and so dangerous. It would be nice to think it is only stray dogs but I suspect it is owners in the CIE works letting their dogs out late at night to defecate on the street. How do we tackle this problem properly? Posters? Dedicated dog litter bins? It's a serious health hazard for all of us.
DK13/06/2012From my recollection, there are actually some council warning notices displayed in the CIE estate about cleaning up dog poo. Perhaps the council should be approached to install one or two on south terrace. It is a criminal offence for the person in charge of the dog not to remove the poo and "dispose of it in a suitable sanitary manner".
Roisin13/06/2012I'd be up for looking into it. Does anyone know of a good contact person? Is there a particularly helpful local councillor?
DK13/06/2012That's great to hear. I've found Cllr Claire Bryne to be very helpful in the past:
(01) 454 0920
087 611 6087

The Inchicore Railway Estate Residents Association are very good too. I'm involved with them and could mention it.
Roisin13/06/2012Nice one. I'll let you know how I get on.
DK13/08/2012New Dublin City Council "Dog Poo" notices have just been put up on the posts and wall along Inchicore Terrace South.

The text reads: "Bag the Poo, any bin will do! To report a dog fouling complaint please call the Litter Hotline 1800 251 500"

Well done to those involved !