New Cafe/Bistro/Wine Bar

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DK14/03/2012I'm looking forward to the opening in April of the Acorn Cafe/Bistro/Wine Bar on Emmet Road near the Eurospar. There's definitely a demand for something good there. Anybody have any info on it in addition to the posters on the window? I must say that I'm a big fan of the Enoteca Torino and eat there regularly.
John16/03/2012Hopefully a good addition to the area. We'll wait and see. I also see that the restaurant across the road from the Spar seems to be worked on at the moment as well....fingers crossed it is not another take away but a proper sit down place.

Melanie18/03/2012I believe it's a spray tan place or a nail bar; Not 100% sure, but many little booths with grass tops and a Hawaiian looking counter.

markn26/03/2012More bake away than take away, so.
Elaine27/03/2012Confirmed! It's a spray tan and make-up salon. I saw a notice on the door that it's opening 28th March (tomorrow). So, may see lots of orange/brown people around Inchicore.....
Deirdre10/04/2012New cafe/wine bar open on the spar side (spray tan place is opposite spar) and seemed to be quite a few people in there earlier when I passed. Aiming to head down this week so will report if I don't see a post here beforehand!
AP11/04/2012Can't wait to hear back reviews. Had a look in this evening and there were a few people dining, not bad for a wet wednesday. Bring your own wine ( no corkage charged ) and 10% discount on offer. No menu on display though would be keen to see what else they do other than steak.
Deirdre11/04/2012I was one of those diners tonight!

I had also wondered at not seeing a menu outside but decided to go for it anyway. I hadnt noticed the sign outside about the wine until walking in the door so I didnt bring any with me. The waiter said I could run into spar if I wanted. The no corkage offer is listed as monday-thurs only for the month of April (I suspect until they get wine licence). To get 10% off just pick up a leaflet on the way in.

Menu wise I dont remember everything but let me give it a go:
Starters - soup of the day (tomato), a caesar salad, prawns, cant remember much else
Mains - Chicken/Beef/Prawn fajita, Chicken/Steak/Prawn on the hot stone, Carbonara, Caesar salad I think.
They also do breakfast (full irish, omlette) and lunch (at lower prices)

Overall the menu doesnt have a massive lot of options, evidenced by friends we met while there who had ordered exactly the same as us!

I had the prawns on the hot stone and my other half had the chicken fajitas. Both were priced at the 16 mark. The chicken fajitas came in a massive hot dish, there was lots of veg and chicken although not so much of the sauces (Id say it wouldnt be an issue if you asked for more). The tiger prawns on the hot stone were in a chilli, garlic ginger sauce which was lovely and this came with a side dish of wok fried veg (no carbs at all which the Irish in me found a bit odd!).

The people at the nearest table had the chicken fajitas and steak on the stone (he said it was lovely).

Overall it was a good feed but a little more expensive than Enoteca Torino (Clearly wouldnt be if you were bringing wine but we only had mains). The service was attentive but not overly so. The decor is very green but comfortable and nice for a dinner out. It is great to finally have one more non-take away place to eat in the village so I would recommend everyone to get out there and support them. Im sure over time they will increase the menu as they only seemed to be open since the weekend.

Note that they dont take cards yet so bring cash!
Sean12/04/2012Thanks for that review. Hoping to get in there this weekend. It's also nice to have a place that does a breakfast so I can spoil myself some Saturday mornings!

Sean16/04/2012Ate here over the weekend and was impressed. I had the fajitaas and my friend had the tiger prawns on the hot plate. I would definetly recommend the place and will go back again soon. Nice to have another option in the area. Oh yeah the byo wine is a great concept..hope it continues.
MG19/04/2012Hi. Sampled the new Acorn cafe yesterday evening and it was really lovely. The cafe itself is decorated well and has a relaxing atmosphere. The food was very fresh and tasted great. I agree, the area needs a good cafe. Would defiantely recommend it.
Colm03/05/2012Hi, my wife and I went there last night and each had the dinner special - two courses for 16.95 and I had the steak which was an extra 3.50. THey don't have a wine license so we bought a nice bottle in Spar.

It's a really nice little bistro, friendly, comfortable. The service was really good. Little things like water being poured for you straight away and continuously topped up, which is rare in Ireland.
The hot stone thing was a nice novelty and gave the meal a talking point and the food was really good. I agree the menu is a little narrow but I presume they'll expand after a while. I hope it does well. There's no point in all of us moaning about there not being any options in Inchicore unless we go out and support the people who start up especially during the first year. (if the quality holds up of course). I would recommend it anyway. It brightens up that run of buildings a bit.
AvidIrishReader04/05/2012My wife and I ate here last night and it was really lovely. Well worth supporting.

It complements the Enoteca, but it's not directly in competition.
DK06/05/2012Ate there with my other-half on Saturday night for the first time and it was excellent. I can highly recommend this place and encourage people to support it. I had a seafood platter which consisted of seabass, tiger prawns and king scallops all on a hot stone. My wife had chorizo soup for starter followed by steak on the hot stone. Our mains were accompanied by champ, carrots and green beans. For desert I had Eton mess and my wife had profiteroles. We brought our own wine and there is no corkage.

All in all, it's a super addition to Inchicore. Well done!
Paul20/06/2012Tried out the new Acorn Bistro at the weekend and was very impressed.
The bring your own wine is still available.
I had the steak on the stone which was a new experience and mouth watering. We also sampled the Pasta which was equally good and a very generous portion. The service was exellent and superb value for money. I just think we should patronise this establishment, as it is a great asset to the village and long may it continue.
Pat Callaghan21/06/2012I recently visited Acorn and found it a very enjoyable experience. The prawn starter was delicious as was the pasta main course. My dining companions both chose the steak which was outstanding. Their only complaint was that the vegetables were a bit "tired". Maybe some nice freshly boiled baby potatoes/crunchy vegetables (or chips) to accompany the steak could be considered. The service was friendly and efficient without being obtrusive and we had a really lovely night. I would encourage anyone to visit. A great idea being able to bring along one's one wine too.
Denise27/07/2012I had the steak on the stone and my partner had the fajitas, all the food was very good but the steak was incredible, best I can ever remember having!!! Service very good also, would highly recommend to all and BYOB is always a major bonus
Colm O'Regan22/10/2012Finally went back for a repeat visit and the quality is still there. Really good. Starter and desert excellent as well. You can still bring your own wine though there is a 5 euro corkage fee (which is fair enough and they only charge it on Fridays and Saturdays). Would highly recommend it. Really hope it does well as it might prompt other things to open.