Babysitter Needed

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S. O'Brien04/03/2012Hi,
I am looking for a trustworthy girl to help with babysitting in Inchicore during July and August 2012. Last Summer I went to Italy and worked as an Au Pair to a lovely family with 4 sons. The family are coming to Ireland for 2 months this summer to improve their boys English ( both parents have fluent English) and will be staying in Inchicore for 2 months this summer. They are looking for a Girl who would be willing to help with some babysitting and maybe also accompany the Mum and kids on some outings around Dublin. If Interested please reply! Thank You
Fabiane14/04/2012Hi, my name is Fabiane, 25 years old and from Brazil.
I've been working as au pair in Inchicore since november last year with an Irish family.
I have been studing English in the morning and I have classes until Mayo. Than in June and July I will have mornings and afternoons free, because I'm working just in late afternoons.
I'd like to help this family, because I think is great opportunity to know diferent nacionalities and it will be a pleasure.
Many thanks,
Paula25/04/2012Is it possible to have some contact details for this family. I host international students and have teenage children who would be happy to babysit. I would also be available to help with babysitting or perhaps showing the family around Dublin.