Bord Pleanala give planning permission for Dart Underground

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Paul Cullen17/12/2011As you've probably seen, Irish Rail have been given planning permission for the Dart Underground project, which passes through Inchicore.

Since the Government has pulled the funding, this might seem like an academic issue, but not so. The planning permission is valid for 10 years, so there's plenty of time for things to change and for the project to get off the ground.

I had a quick look through the documents and from what I can see the decision:
- confirms the route through/to Inchicore
- backs the location of a station in the CIE works
- doesn't consider that property blight will be a problem in the area
- makes recommendations on noise and dust levels that I am not technically qualified to properly assess
- backs Irish Rail's revised plan to dig the tunnel from the East Wall end rather than as originally envisaged, which would have involved boring also from Inchicore. This is what the Inchicore on Track group fought so hard for, so congrats to them on getting this confirmed.

Has anyone else gone through the documents and gleaned further info?