Rubbish on Tyrconnell Road

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Grainne20/11/2011I have been battling this issue with the council for a long long time. There are certain houses on Tyrconnell Road that simply dump their rubbish at the trees on the street whenever they want. It is a particular issue on weekends as the DCC vans don't pick up between Friday and Monday. The worst affected areas are opposite the Oblate Church and outside Dick Monaghan's, with some other bad spots in towards the village.

This morning is an absolute disgrace. Mattresses, electrical goods, rubbish spilled all over the street opposite the church.

I use the DCC report it function on their website every week but all that happens is the rubbish is collected on Monday and the cycle begins again.

Rubbish is dumped during the week but it is usually picked up within 24 hours. I have spoken to a number of people in DCC at various levels and they simply say they search the waste but can't find any evidence.

More needs to be done as it is reaching epic proportions. More and more stuff is dumped every weekend - I would imagine people see it being done and join in. There seems to be 3 or 4 mattresses sitting outside Dick Monaghan's this morning!
I'm wondering am I alone in despairing about this. Could a group of us team together and try and get something done?
Jim21/11/2011I noticed that myself on Sunday morning. It looked realy awful. We had an issue around or place but installed CCTV cameras and put up signs and we have noticed a massive improvement. I really can't understand people who carry out they care about anything or anyone else besides themselves...
Grainne21/11/2011I know Jim, they just don't care.

Someone must have felt like me and swept up the loose rubbish that was strewn across the street but the rest of it remained until about 11 this morning. I had a friend call over this morning and I was embarrassed about the place.

Interestingly the mattresses were gone first, I wonder if that was because they were outside a business?

Do you mind me asking did you fund the cameras yourself, and the signs, or did DCC do it?

I have been asking DCC to put up signs for about a year now. I think they have washed their hands of the problem really.

It's getting worse because people see it being done and then think 'well why will I bother paying for my rubbish when no one else does'.

Jim21/11/2011We looked at funding from the DCC but no luck so we chipped in together for it. In fact after the first week we caught one culprit which we passed onto the guards. It has been great because it was a little heartbreaking to see fridges and the like left outside our place but since the CCTV we've had little or no issues