Kilmainham Arts Club

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vawn corrigan05/11/2011Kilmainham Arts Club, the now famous monthly arts event, is - as usual - full to the brim with talent from the arts. Come along and enjoy this unusual night, relax with friends and meet some new ones!

Rachel Mulcahey dance artist will be performing her unique style of improvised dance.

Poet Claudio Sansone - this young Italian poet and Novelist will read some of his original work.

Artist and Filmaker Shane Sutton - He showed some of his films last month - this month Shane will tell us about his exciting new animated feature project 'The Quest for a real Hard Hob'.

Laban Dance Demonstration by Dance facilitator Niamh O Connor of . Laban Dance allows you to create dance by interpreting stimuli including songs and dramatic texts.

Music from Shane Atlas aka 'Captain Atlas' - Expect something special from this amazing multi-instrumentalist - he may even play two instruments at once!

Presentation of Claynation workshop by City Artsquad. This highly successful workshop from this years Kilmainham Arts Festival inspired some wonderful creations, photos of which will be shown on the night.

Photographer and MFA graduate of Ulster University Christine Redmond will share some of her fantastic images