Inchicore Flooding

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How did Inchicore fare during the floods on Monday. The Camac was at some level on Monday night I never saw it so high. I see Kilmainham did get hit badly and has been in the news a lot this week. Hope everybody was ok and all the damage will be repaired quickly...

SHEA CARROLL01/11/2011My house was one of many in the Emmet Road /Old Kilmainham area to be flooded when the Camac overflowed/burst it`s banks during last weeks rain.Our new kitchen was destroyed with river water to a height of 3 foot approx.along with several of our neighbours.It will probably be impossible for us to get insurance again for flood damage so prevention will be our only solution.Has anyone any ideas on how to go about lobbying the City Council for flood relief work on the Camac similar to the work done on the Dodder and Tolka rivers?
GR10/11/2011There was flooding on Tyrconnell Street. Several houses affected and some damage to derelict house. Rear wall collapsed into Camac! I would lobby the local TD and councillors about flooding.
Mary Mc11/11/2011 There were a few houses flooded in Turvey Ave and Emmet Rd. Emmet Rd was flooded when my grandmother lived there, I think the worst areas were in Ladys lane.