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I'm looking for information on Cleary's Pub in Inchicore. More specifically, I'm curious to know the year in which it was established. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Colin21/10/2011Clearys was est. in 1853 It was started by Mr J Kavanagh who once owned the Cow and Calf Inn(now the Model School )The first name was The Great Southern and Western Railway House later Clearys then Murphys
Cory21/10/2011Thank you very much for the information. Do you know when the name changed from The Great Southern and Western Railway House to Cleary's? The reason I ask is because my Grandfather received a package in the mail, which included a sweatshirt, along with a letter stating that the people that sent the package were his relatives. This was back in the mid 90's I believe, so the letter is long gone. Although, he still has the sweatshirt, which reads "Cleary's Tavern", "Dublin, Ireland", "Fine Ales", and "Est. 1873". With this information, I've been trying to locate the right Cleary's. I know it's not much to go off of, but does this sound like it could be the correct place? Again, thank you for your time.
Mario B11/02/2012Cleary's Inchicore was owned and ran by John Cleary upto 1948, when it was then take over by his wife - Hannah until 1968. Their daughter, Alice ran it until the Mid '80s.
John and Hannah were my wife's grandparents.
Cleary's was always known as a Pub or Public House, never a Tavern.
'J & M Cleary, Railway House'
Cory13/02/2012Thank you very much for your reply, Mario. The word "Tavern" seemed odd to me, but I figured I would look into the possibility of some sort of relation.

Am I correct in assuming that the Cleary's in Inchicore was not run by the Cleary family after Alice?

Again, thank you for the information. It was very helpful.
Mario B24/06/2012After Alice death the pub as sold.

John's brother Jim was also a publican and had a pub, J & M Cleary, in 36 Amiens Street.
Michael Hawkes08/02/2014Looking for my Cleary ancestors. My mother was Elizabeth (Betty) Mancell, Nee Cleary, Her mother Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cleary Nee Gill, of Dublin, and Betty's father was Jack Cleary. Could they have been related to the Cleary's who were the above referenced?
edward bourke02/10/2016John Cleary acquired The Railway House in 1913 from Sheerans and previously it was owned by Murrays (adjoining houses are Murrays Cottages) his daughter sold it about 1990. The name is the longest pub name in Ireland "the great southern and western railway house" still written on the iron balustrade at roof level.
Gabrielle Gleeson28/07/2018Hi the owners of these 2 pubs were both my granduncles. My Grandfather was Bill Cleary who was a brother of Jack & Jim.