Upgrading of water supply, CIE Estate

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Paul Cullen28/10/2008Wondering what all those pipes lying around th estate are for? Well, Dublin city council say they are upgrading the water supply and plan to install new fire hydrant points within the estate.

Works are due to start soon on West Terrace, South Square, East Square and North Terrace. Some fire hydrants are on private lanes so the plan is to move them out to the front of the houses.

All of this is welcome, but begs a few questions:
- will the roads be dug up and, if so, will they be reinstated promptly?
- will this lead to an improvement in water pressure, which is a problem for some residents?
- if the hydrants are moved out of the private lanes, doesn't that remove the main reason for keeping these lanes open to public access? Wouldn't it make more sense then to allow groups of residents to close off their lanes and enjoy their back gardens privately?