Men's Health and Welfare Programmes

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JB16/08/2011I know money is tight at the moment but could some group in the area not start up a Men's Health and welfare prog. I know there is a very good one running in Ballybough. Their health is monitored and the have cookery and gardening. There are a lot of single men in our area, some separated, that don't know how to cook. I know their is a mens group in the area but i don't think it addresses these issues. DCC sponsor some of these as does the Partnerships. Maybe Vincent de Paul could contribute something. I think there was a prog like this for women. Men are isolated.
Mark16/08/2011Hi JB,

I am not sure if this is exactly what you were looking for but I have just started a healthy eating weight loss class in St. Michaels Community Centre. The class is called a Weight Loss Challenge but is really a healthy eating class and is on Tuesdays at 12 Midday.

The idea of the class is to teach people a healthy lifestyle and include all aspects needed like proper healthy nutrition, exercise and more in order for weight loss to occur.

If you want to chat to me about the class my email is