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SHEA CARROLL16/08/2011My son was attacked and beaten along with one of his pals on Kickam Road yesterday between 4pm and 5pm.They where attacked by a group of about 12 to 15 teens in the 15/16 years age group.This is not the first assault in the area.Two more of his pals where attacked by the same group and had their `phones taken on Friday last.Their attackers are not from Bulfin but most likley from Drimnagh /St Michaels area.could I ask anyone who sees these kids cauasing any trouble to Ph Kilmainham Garda station @ 666 97 00.Many tkanks
JB16/08/2011That is terrible. I am not sticking up for St Michaels but I don't think there are that amount of young people hanging around. i hope your son is ok.
JB24/08/2011I heard there are a lot of attacks on young people by other youths. They seem to be after mobiles.
LM24/08/2011They are after mobiles and ipods and anything else they can get their hands on. They are also vicious and punch and kick victims. The attacks I know personally were all in the early evening between 6-8pm.
Alan Mc Gregor29/08/2011Whats with the "Drimnagh / St. Michael's"? Are these two areas connected in some way? Please enlighten me.
SHEA CARROLL30/08/2011No Alan they`re not connected.They are separated by the Grand canal.What`s your point?The fact remains that my son was attacked in Bulfin gardens.He knows most of the kids in that area and the kids who attacked him where not from Bulfin.Thanks for your concern all the same.
Alan30/08/2011I still don't get why you say the attackers were "probably from Drimnagh / St. Michaels".
The attackers could have been from anywhere, why name these two areas that are not connected to each other .
I am really interested in your logic for naming these two areas.
Maybe you / your son know the attackers are from Drimnagh and / St. Michael's estate. If so, so it. If not why pick on these two areas?
Mary Mc30/08/2011There is a group of lads going around on bicycles and I hear they are from different areas, Drimnagh, Rialto and Inchicore. There are bad apples everywhere and Bulfin is no exception.
JB31/08/2011I think St Michaels/Drimnagh are just blamed for everything. However I have very good friends in Drimnagh and I know there are good people in St Michaels.
SHEA CARROLL31/08/2011Alan,I don`t understand the why you concentrate on the perceived "slight" on St Michaels /Drimnagh and ignore the core issue which is an assault.It does not matter where the kids come from but we have information that these kids are probably from the above areas.This does not mean there are not good people in these areas.Of course there are decent people in all areas of the City.I have lived all my life in Dublin and I think I know the City quite well.
SHEA CARROLL31/08/2011If any of the people in St Michaels/Drimnagh feel insulted by my comments then I apologize.No insult was intended
Judi31/08/2011JB and Alan you should be ashamed of yourselves. Shea's son was attacked and he is highlighting this on here out of concern for other people in the area.
Where is your compassion?
What can you offer to help?
JB31/08/2011Judi, if you read the my first comment you would see I did say it was terrible, but i don't like places getting a bad name when nobody know for sure where these youths are from.
Judi31/08/2011JB Places get a bad reputation when people from those areas engage in crime and anti-social behaviour.
Your ignorance is exactly what enables the criminals to get away with it, turing the blind eye and having the audacity to defend them when a victim complains or someone is not willing to be ignoring of the facts.
Shea is absolutely right about the need for people to let the Guards know if they see anything, even just anti-social behaviour because until the ignorance is lifted it will continue.
LM31/08/2011I agree with Shea that the core issue is there has been a spate of these assaults locally and teenagers are the victims. The attacks are occuring in the early evening when I think our neighborhood should be a safe place for a young person to walk around.
JB31/08/2011My nephew was robbed of his mobile, and when the gardai were contacted they had an idea who did it, so that should be the first thing to do. There are a lot of youths hanging around the canal and the Luas stops, so everyone needs to be carefol.
Alan03/09/2011JB Ask Shay was it someone from St. Michael's / Drimnagh tht robbed your son's mobile. He might have information
Mary Mc04/09/2011It doesn't make a blind bit of difference where these lads are from, we need to do something to stop these assaults. I know St Michaels are getting a bad press at the moment, but that is because there are empty flats, there is nobody living there, so hopefully when the blocks are knocked, these youths will go elsewhere.
SHEA CARROLL05/09/2011Alan,why would I have any information re the theft of JB`s nephew`s ( not son ) `phone? Why are you asking JB to ask me this?At this stage in this debate I don`t know if you are serious or not.Can you add anything constructive?
LM13/09/2011RTE 1 did a feature on mobile phone theft on the John Murray show this morning. Apparently there has been a huge increase in phones being stolen on the streets of Dublin and a number of these thefts are being carried out by individuals on push bikes. A guard from a north-side station was interviewed about a programme they have in place to try and counteract these crimes.