New FRC Building

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JB15/08/2011Can someone tell us about the application for a new building for FRC on Michael's Est. It states a temporary building, does that mean it will be knocked down in a few years and a new one built. If this is so, why can't FRC use the vacant CBS unit that is unoccupied or the Health Centre which will be empty soon. No problems building a unit but not if it is to to be replaced. I may have read this wrong, but I am not the only one to think like this. Thanks
Mary Mc15/08/2011I read it the same way as you did. I agree with everything you say. I think the CBS building would be ideal. It would be beside the new unit that will be built and near Bulfin Ct. Tyrone pl are also near.
Mary Mc16/08/2011I asked someone from DCC and they said they thought it was only prefabs.
JB16/08/2011Thanks, that's great. I thought it was a bit daft building a centre as a temporary
measure and then knocking it down.
Alan C17/08/2011I know the FRC is a great service, but surely there are existing locations that they could use? I'm sure it would be cheaper to rent out some of the empty buildings in the village and use them instead? (maybe the empty Wallace space).
It sounds like further ghettoisation of St Michaels to put prefabs on it that will be run-down in no time and be a constant attraction to vandals.
Elaine22/08/2011I have just read the planning application from the Dublin City Council website, and it sounds like a pretty long term structure, with surrounding railings (some protection from vandals) a car-park, and a play-ground.

Apart from the obvious cost issue, I suppose the next question is whether any regard will be given to aesthetics. Or, given its temporary nature, will this be just another eyesore, thrown up to replace the existing eyesore?

"Location: St Michael's Estate, Inchicore, Dublin 8 Pursuant to the requirements of the above, notice is hereby given of a proposed development by Dublin City Council to erect two single storey temporary buildings to provide temporary accommodation for the St Michael's Estate Family Resource Centre (childcare, after school care and resource centre) at present housed in an existing tower block that is to be demolished. (Approval to demolish was included in Part 8 report 265/2010 agreed by Dublin City Council at meeting of 26th July 2010). The proposed development includes a children's playground related to the childcare facility. The boundary to the centre and playground will consist of 3m high railings with gates. 14 car parking spaces are proposed"
Alan C23/08/2011Hi Elaine, they have uploaded some pland and sketches of the side elevations on the online file.
It's basically a giant prefab, its actually enormous and surrounded by a giant fence.

This is completely out of line with the Dublin City Development plan for the estate, which is a strategic development area.
you can make comments or objection on this to DCC for Free as its a Local Area Authority application.
Alan C23/08/2011Dublin City Dev. Plan 2011-2015 section on St Michaels Estate is below.
This particular planning application seems to have no regard for the dev. Plan:

SDRA 9 Saint Michael’s Estate
1. The development of a high quality, vibrant, mixed use urban quarter will be promoted.
New facilities will be located in accessible locations and will maximise the opportunities to
connect with the wider neighbourhood.
2. The development will compliment the regeneration of Inchicore by encouraging a natural
extension of the village centre eastwards along Emmet Road. The development will
provide strong connections between the site and the functions of the village centre.
3. The development of high quality streetscape onto Emmet Road with accessible civic
spaces, active frontages and an appropriate transition in scale, height and character
between the village centre and the site will be promoted.
4. Strong permeability will be sought through the site, including pedestrian and cyclist
connections, to achieve strong north to south connections between Emmet Road and the
LUAS/Grand Canal corridor and east to west connections between St Vincent Street
West and Bulfin Road. Active streetscapes along these routes will be promoted.
5. The important heritage features on, and adjoining the site shall be respected and
highlighted by urban design with particular regard to the tourism, heritage, community
and amenity value of assets such as St. Michaels Church, Richmond Barracks,
Goldenbridge Cemetery and the Grand Canal.
6. Innovative proposals that create a landmark destination within the city for combined
facilities of a community, recreational, leisure and sports nature will be promoted. Such
facilities shall integrate positively with the existing sports facilities on site.
7. A positive integration of new developments with the Phase 1 section of this site, in terms
of connectivity, positive urban design principles and appropriate land uses, will be
JB24/08/2011I am a bit annoyed by this proposal, I have no problem with a permanent building, but this is temporary. There are enough empty buildings around which could suit the FRC.