Resident attacked on North Terrace

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Paul Cullen21/10/2008Last Saturday night, a local resident of the CIE Estate was attacked when he went to stop a number of men breaking into his car. The victim sustained a beating by a group of four or five and ended up in St James Hospital with rib injuries. Thankfully, he has since come home, bruised and shaken.

The men involved are thought to be in their late 20s/early 30s. If you have any information about this deplorable crime, please let the gardai at Kilmainham station know at 6669700.
joe currivan22/10/2008thanks for the info paul. can you give a little more info on where the incident took place and if any of the attackers has been identified.
Paul Cullen22/10/2008All I know is that it happened at 2 am on Saturday/Sunday on North Terrace and four/five men were involved. No word on anyone being identified so far.
Paul Cullen23/10/2008It appears that attack happened in the early morning, after a function ended up at the CIE Sports and Social Club. It would seem that the perpetrators had left this function and were on North Terrace when the incident happen.

As a result of this crime, a number of local residents are mounting a campaign to have the Wicket Gate closed.