Protest - Against Community Cuts

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Rita Fagan15/07/2011Our Communities have been targeted for over three years now. The National Community Development Programme a unique programme in Europe was dismantled in December 2010. Fourteen Community Development Projects closed in January 2009. The Community Workers Co OP and many other Networks funding was taking away recently 2011. Sharp cuts to Community Projects have meant numbers of highly skilled people have been let go.

All these sharp cuts have had the capacity to rip the hearts out of very venerable communities in all kind of ways. Our people are hurting and are being driven into despair. For many, the Celtic Tiger was a mangey cat. They were not part of the big party that has led them to having to pay for the cleaning up of this cruel mess.

Choices are being made and these choices are not the ones that shape a fair and just society. The Axe is being taken out again in the coming December budget. When the Government cuts we all bleed, but some more then others. We have got to collectively defend our communities and our sector. It took us over twenty years to build our critical infrastructure it will only take twenty seconds to wipe it out. We must fight back, what is happening is unfair, unjust and unnecessary.

Come out and join the Enough Campaign on Saturday 16th July. Meet us in Parnell Square for 2pm. Become a movement of grassroots warriors who refuse to allow our communities lose their hope or resistance.

La Lucha Continua
Rita Fagan
Community Activist.