Graffiti removal

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Marc Hadden19/10/2008Does anyone know how to remove graffiti from a breeze-block wall, or know anyone who will do it professionally without charging an arm and a leg?
Jo Homewood30/10/2008You could try ringing the council on 222 5120 - they have a contractor working on it now, maybe he would have a look at yours while he's in the area. Best thing is to do it as soon as possible - and I think its power washing for breeze blocks.

Paul Cullen22/11/2008The good news is that complaining to the authorities can result in the graffiti being removed. Much of the graffiti in our back lanes was removed by workmen last week, following representations made by local residents. Householders have to sign a waiver form to give the removal experts the right to work on private property. The impetus for getting the work done came through the RAPID scheme, which has limited funds for this purpose to disburse (at least for now).
Jo 24/11/2008Thanks to the Council who have done a mighty job around the estate. There is still a lot along the back lanes of East and South Square. Unfortunately lanes are not listed as a priority by the scheme. We will ask the council to take another look at the lanes before the cleaning budget is all used up. Graffitti will only be cleaned off if householders sign waivers. If you want a waiver form then contact me, and I will get one to you. We only have a couple of days to get our final requests in.