Richmond Hill

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John 06/07/2011Im tracing my family tree .can anybody tell me where Addresses:(5) Mons Salutaris, Richmond Hill, Golden Bridge, Dublin, 1841; was located ...Thanks
Alan C07/07/2011Mons Salutaris is actually the latin for Spa Hill, so it's possible that this address is for Spa Road in inchicore(still called Spa Hill by most locals these days).
You can see this on the OS Map of 1849 at:,711825,733332,6,8

None of the buildings of Spa road remain
Colin 07/07/2011Hi John the house you are looking for I think is on Kilmainhan hill , that is the hill to your right as you head into town from Emmet road It is on Osi .ie mapviewer ,used to live in Inchicore once a long time ago, good luck in your search maybe talk again soon
Alan C08/07/2011Hi Guys,

I would rule out Kilmainham Hill as suggested by Colin for the following reasons:

This hill didnt exist in the 1840s (as pers OSI historic map)

This area was not part of GoldenBridge Parish, it was in James' Parish.

Richmond Hill ia far more likly to be in the curtilage of Richmond Barracks, whis is central to Golden Bridge and the only hill there is Spa Road.
Colin 08/07/2011Hi Alan you talked about the OSI in your post I suggest you go back and take a closer look at the map because I can see it clearly