Vicious dog attack

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Adele02/05/2011All dog walkers take care in Lansdowne Valley Park - my beautiful 11 month old Maltese terrier was savagely attacked by 3 dangerous breed dogs on May 2nd at approx 11am. The dangerous dogs were with their owners but were not on leads or muzzled. Despite the best efforts of the vets my dog had to be put to sleep. Watch out for these 3 dogs - 2 were tan in colour and similar to a saffordshire bulldogs but larger. The 3rd dog was a pup, gold and white and we think was a japanese akita. Anyone with info please contact Sundrive Road Guards.
LM02/05/2011Oh, that is so awful. Sorry for your loss. Some people have a very careless attitude about their animals, who are not properly under control. L
Mary Mc08/05/2011Those Japanese dogs are dangerous.
They should be on a lead. Everyone seems to think it is ok to let their dogs roam free in Lansdowne Valley. My friend's dog was attacked but thankfully he is ok.