Yoga/Pilates class

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Susan01/04/2011I would love to start teaching a class in either Yoga or Pilates in the Inchicore area as I think it is badly needed. I would love to know would there be any interest? Does anyone know of a room I could hire? It needs to be bigger than 750 Sq Ft. I carry my own insurance.
Thank you,
Ruth01/04/2011I would love to sign up for a class!
Mary01/04/2011Hi, St. Michael's Community Centre has a choice of two rooms and a large hall if you are interested. Centre is open every day from 9am to 3pm if you want a look. Or if that does not suit give me a ring on 0872329266 and I will arrange something for you.
Sarah03/04/2011If it is good value and on at a time which suits (after office hours) I would love to take part. I would be more of a pilates fan.

Paul O'Shea05/04/2011I'd take the class, if it were in the evening.
Susan05/04/2011I will check out St Michaels and keep you all informed.
Thanks for your replies.
eimear05/04/2011hi i would definitely attend please!
Catherine Lane06/04/2011I did yoga in the Oblates last year so they definately have some rooms.Or you check out the Inchicore Leisure Centre?
susan12/04/2011Pilates classes will start in st michaels community centre from wednesday may 11th. 10am and 6.30pm. 6 week course 85 euro. Unwaged just 60 euro. Email or call 0876210402 to reserve a space. See you all then. Susan
Susan28/06/2011Get ready for summer with a 4 week Pilates course starting July 6th at 6.30pm in St Michael's Community Centre. Just 55 or 40 if you are not earning at the moment. Its great fun and a b it of tummy work.
Richy12/07/2011Aww, terrible timing. Just missed the start of this course.
Susan05/09/2011NEW PILATES class starts WED 14th Sept. at 6.30pm. NEW YOGA class starts WED 14th Sept at 7.30pm.
6 week course costs 85 (60 for unwaged). TEACHER HAS OVER 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Contact 087 6210402 or
Susan20/10/2011Hello again, time to get ready for Christmas. Pilates classes recommence in St Michaels Community Centre at 6.30 from November 9th. Details as above.

evelyne phelan29/11/2011Am interested in doing yoga classes. Can you tell me next start date, venue, time of class and cost.
ANNA04/01/2012Hiya! I'm also interested! Please let me know if course be on!
Annamaria09/01/2012Hi Susan,
Arey ou starting a pilates class for beginners in inchicore this year as well? I would like information.

Susan15/01/2012Hello, everyone. We will be starting PILATES CLASSES on January 25th at 6.30 in St. Michaels Community Centre. Cost 85 for 6 weeks or 60 for unwaged. Please phone or text 087 621 0402 to book. See you there!
Annamaria25/01/2012Twice a week? Which days?
Susan13/03/2012Hello everyone.

Pilates is back at St Michaels Community Centre wed March 14th. 6.30 pm. 5 week course costs 60 and there is no class Easter week. Great for improving back and tummy strength.
Come along.
Susan12/04/2012NEW PILATES COURSE starts Wed 25th of April. 6.30 pm. Six week course costs 75 or 60 if you are unwaged.
mary30/05/2012Are you hosting any more pilates classes?
Susan18/06/2012Hello all,
4 weeks Pilates before the summer break. Come along on Wed the 13th.
Niamh22/08/2012When's the next Pilates course starting?
Annamaria19/01/2014Hi Susan and All,

Are these classes still running on Wednesdays? Same time?

Paula29/01/2014that sounds great
Paul29/01/2014Hey, are there yoga classes anywhere in Inchicore for beginners?
Jo29/01/2014Naomi runs great classes at the Inchicore Sports and Social Club on Wednesday eves is her website
Paul29/01/2014Thanks a lot, Jo! Done.