Vandalism of playground

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LM14/03/2011I was in the playground on Sunday and unfortunately there have been some vandals at work there. Pieces of the perimeter fence have been taken off and burned. In addition one piece of play equipment -I cant quite remember what it was but it must have been plastic, is gone. This is a real shame as the community fought long and hard for this playground and it is well used by many people and children. Hopefully it will be fully repaired soon.
Lenni16/03/2011I noticed this yesterday also. How disappointing to say the least.

We have waited so long for a playground and there is precious lilttle else in Inchicore for little ones. I don't understand how some idiotic numbskulls could do that to the kids in their own area.

I have reported this to the council and local parents group today and I would ask other parents to get onto the council park inspector to get this fixed a.s.a.p.

Also can you ask them for CC TV on the park. I have seen it in loads of other playgrounds in Dublin but not in Inchicore. It might deter vandals in the future.