International Womens Day Celebration

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Rita Fagan 03/03/2011Dear Women of Dublin

In these harsh and challenging times for our community and society we need space to connect and feel good as women and leaders. A year has passed since our last international women’s night. We had a great rock and roll fancy dress. A fun night that was very life giving. We know these days in our communities are more than challenging. We are bearing witness to peoples struggle to survive. The impact of the cuts is real and raw and what we as leaders have to do, is hold it all together as we see the community support infrastructure we have built being dismantled. We need to give each other strength and we need to give each other hope. We the Family Resource Centre, St. Michaels Estate are offering you a breathing space as women leader, participants as young mothers, as lone parents, as seniors to come together for a bit of fun, laughter, dance dress up and networking.

We are once again providing a welcoming warm environment in Wynn’s Hotel on the night of the 10th of March to celebrate women in all their forms and roles. Women only night that will make you feel good.

We will have the great singer Mary Coughlin, dancing, fancy dress and other special guests on the night. This years theme is ‘Charleston’ that is easy enough.
Now more than ever we need to celebration so bring your friends and rise to the challenge. Let’s have fun and rise above the storm.

Admittance £5 Euro (food and entertainment included
Venue: Wynn’s Hotel
Date: 10th March 2011
Time: 8.30 till late!

Yours in solidarity
Rita Fagan and Phil Keane