Healthy Eating for Women

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Maureen McGovern24/02/2011INCHICORE AREA WOMEN’S GROUP
(For women in Bluebell, Inchicore, Kilmainham,& Islandbridge)

Invites you to join us for

6 week course on:

Healthy Eating for Women

WHEN: Wednesday 2nd March to 6th April 2011

WHERE: Canal Communities Partnership, Oblets View, 2nd Floor, Tyrconnell Road, Inchicore, Dublin 8

TIME: 6.30pm to 9pm


Places are limited, contact

Maureen at 01 4732196

Alan C25/02/2011Please STOP posting your sexist promotions, I know there is a mens group as well but it is equally as sexist.

What kind of community are you trying to develop at Canal Communities "Partnership", one where men and women are socially segregated as is the case in muslim countries? Where women are in the kitchen cooking and men are in the pub drinking?

Please think about it and perhaps you should consider a community group for everyone.

I also believe you are in breach of the Equal Status Act on this by advertising a sexist service to the public. If you continue I may take a test case to the equality authority.

Helen Nealon05/03/2011This course has been postponed.
The Ballyfermot Partnership provides the courses to local communities and it is not exclusive to women! Men are more than welcome.
However Maureen is arranging this particular course for the women's group.
Sorry you feel so excluded.
Contact Tracy Quinn in the Ballyfermot Partnership to secure a place on a Healthy Food Made Easy course.
Healthy Food is for everyone.
It's a very good course. Enjoy it!