New coffee shop in Kilmainham

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Paul31/01/2011Finally some retail activity down by the Hilton. One of the units is being fitted out as a coffee-shop. Good to see this, even if I don't drink coffee...
Alan C10/02/2011The LimeTree Cafe is now open and looks great. I haven't been in yet but will definitely try it out for lunch this weekend.
They have a menu and website at:
Jo10/02/2011It's very good and friendly - only Mon-Fri i think - make sure you get there in the week
Shea Carroll18/02/2011Its a nice coffee shop.Coffee/Tea fairly priced but 7.00 euro for a beef sandwich and some salad leaves?6.00 all other sambos?Too expensive in these
tough times
Maria28/03/2011maybe they should open at weekend... not many/ any? options
LM01/04/2011Just had lovely coffee and a few treats with the children. Very nice atmosphere. They have a special -coffee and tea 1 euro when you buy a sandwich. We had a cappucino, cookie, biscuit cake and a bottle of fizz split between two (2 brightly coloured plastic cups were produced) it was 8 euro and change. Good value in my opinion. Will be returning to try lunch.
Fiona17/04/2012They open now on a Saturday, 10.00am to 4.00pm I think.
cmcc17/05/2012This place is great, went there a few weeks ago, prices were very good i think it was only 2 for pot of tea which you get about 3 cups out of, scones & pastries were cheap aswell although cant remember price, and they had specials on sambo's.

it was very relaxing even though i had 2 kids with me. will defo be going back