Canal Communities Courses

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Helen Nealon20/01/2011The courses (jewellery, line dancing and yoga) are organised by the Inchicore Women's Group, and these courses are mainly subsidised by the Canal Communities Project. Maureen Mc Govern is the woman to contact.
The courses are for women in Inchicore, Kilmainham, Islandbridge, Bluebell and lower Ballyfermot areas.
However, if a man would like to join the line dancing or other course, he should contact Maureen directly and maybe she will let him. . . But I'm not sure. It is a women's group! Perhaps he could dress up as a woman!!! Or better still, set up the Inchicore men's group. Again, contact the partnership (the glass building facing the Oblate Church) because I'm sure something could be arranged for men.
Alan C20/01/2011That's incredibly sexist of "the partnership"
I'm not sure its even legal to discriminate in the provision of a service in this country.

You are a disgrace, and socially segrating women in Inchicore from males is harmful and more akin to Middle-Eastern Society. It is repressive and disgusting.

Mary Mc21/01/2011There is a men's group already in Inchicore.
Mary Mc21/01/2011The men's group is also run by Canal Communities. There are so many groups for the young and for seniors.
In fairness I think they cater for everyone.