Irish Lourdes

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Deborah17/01/2011I am currently working on an article
about Lourdes and the Irish.

I'm looking for information about Inchicore Lourdes grotto.

For instance, I've read that it was a place of high devotion in the
1930s with daily prayers, hymns, processions.
What would you say of
Inchicore grotto today ?
Is it still a popular place ?
Are there many Irish pilgrims coming to the shrine ?

I've seen there is a novena organized each year. Are there other events of that kind ?

Thanks in advance.

Judi17/01/2011What's the point of it anyway?
Its a full-size replica of the Grotto of Massabielle in Lourdes, where it is believed that the Virgin Mary appeared to St Bernadette and instructed her to drink from a spring within the grotto.
Miracles have to credited to the healing properties of the water by the Catholic Church.

The Inchicore Grotto is just a copy and there is no spring, no healing properties, no miracles, no visions of the Virgin Mary, no point?
It's actually quite ugly too, unlike the Grotto in Lourdes, it looks starkly man-made, concrete and barron.
Mary Mc17/01/2011Look in the history section on this site and there is a piece on the Oblates which gives info on the Lourdes Shrine.
People come from all over Dublin to visit this shrine, you should go there on the 11th Feb and you will see the devotion to this shrine.
Catherine Currivan17/01/2011The grotto in Inchicore is all the more beautiful for having beeen manmade. It represents the dedicated and selfless labour of the local community in an era of far greater economic challenge than we are experiencing at present! Certainly not ugly!:(
Alan C18/01/2011Hi Deborah,

There is some history on the Oblates Order in the Ryan Report on Child Abuse. Interestingly at the time the Grotto in Inchicore was built, children at the Oblates Reformatories were living in sub-standard accomodation unfit for human habitation and later condemed by the Misiter for Education and Taoiseach at the time.

Its a shame that there wasn't a fairer management of resources at the time and perhaps instead of a fancy grotto the Oblate Fathers might have used their resources to provide better care for these vunerable children, many of who made complaints to the commison as adults about the horrific conditions.

There is an apology from the Oblate Fathers published in 2006, and perhaps further statements I dont know of.

I would like to acknowledge the great work they Oblates have done and continue to do and I know they are good men. The men who grew up in the Reformatories are also good men and perhaps those that visit the Grotto should remember that.
Alan C18/01/2011Ryan Report link to chapter 15 on the Reformatories
gregory10/04/2011Hi Deborah,
This won't necessarily provide you with any information, but may be of interest.
Déborah20/05/2011Thanks a lot for your help.

Deborah20/05/2011The video is really interesting. Thanks a lot Gregory. It's very kind of you to share this short movie.