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Gary de Lacy01/01/2011Two foxes playing/fighting on South Tce Fri 31th at 01:30 am.

Haven't seen they in so long thought they were dead. Any other recent sightings?


PS Here's to a good year to all in the Works.
Catherine Currivan02/01/2011In our garden(4 St. George's Villas) about 12.20 same night. Only one though!!
Tommr06/01/20111 Fox appears regularly here on Abercorn Terrace green, seen him earlier on tonight. My dog and him/her sit looking at each other for ages.
Gary de Lacy07/01/2011It never rains but it pours!!!!!! Saw one again on Wed & Thur at 5am on South Tce. Think I can forget about getting those hens this spring!!