Inn Jokes - Christmas Show

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Colm O'Regan13/12/2010Hey everyone - why not come along to the Patriot's Inn on Wednesday 17th for Inn Jokes' Christmas Show starring Johnny Candon, Willa White and Alan Gernon with yours truly as host. Admission is absolutely free! and if you like what you see you can make a voluntary contribution into a hat which has"Funny Money" written on it! - Hope to see you there.

Francis04/01/2011Hi Colm, really enjoyed the December show in the Patriot. Vincent tells me you're pulling in a big guest for the January event. I'll get there earlier next time to get a seat. Thanks for putting on the comedy.
Colm O'Regan13/01/2011Hi Francis,

That's right. Karl Spain will be the headliner on the 19th!