CIE Crime

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JY06/12/2010There has been an upsurge of crime in the Inchicore area recently, serious organised crime and gang related incidents. Residents are asked to keep a watchful eye for suspicious behaviour/persons, particularly in the CIE estate because of the cover and laneways. Any suspicious activity should be reported to Kilmainham Garda station at: 01 6669700
Jim07/12/2010What kind of crime are you talking about? I haven't noticed anything in general but will be more vigilant....
Judi07/12/2010Sounds like paranoia.
Take a chill pill and relax the cacks.
M.N.29/01/2011What's that supposed to mean?
LM31/01/2011Two good bikes stolen from our back garden this morning. Someone saw two boys/men coming over our back wall on Saturday but nothing had been touched. Clearly they were interrupted or checking out the place. But the bikes are not there now! Grrrrr
CYA10/02/2011There's been some people getting into gardens around Abercorn as well, some property damage.

Where were these 2 houses raided?
Mary Mc10/02/2011Rumour has it that the houses raided were in Myra Close. That was we heard in the village today.
LM12/02/2011Someone tried to rob our car last night. They did not succeed but they did substantial damage to steering column, window and door etc. L
BM08/05/2011A house on Abercorn Terrace was broken into last thursday night while the owners slept. Car keys were taken and the owners vehicle was then stolen.