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Fiona01/11/2010Can anyone recommend a good female GP in the Inchicore area?

I am currently going to a doctor in the city centre but it would be alot handier if I could find a good doctor nearby.

Any thoughts?
Peter01/11/2010Emer Loughrey in the Inchicore Medical Centre has a good reputation but to be honest I've been disappointed with the service we've got there. Most days, you can only see one of the other doctors or a locum, and long waits are not unusual.
Fiona02/11/2010That doesnt sound great that you dont get to see your choice of doctor and that there are long waits.
I really want to find somewhere without waits and where you are given an appointment.
Judi02/11/2010If you are a private patient in the Inchicore Medical Center you can see who you like. You can also make an appointment to avoid queuing.
Melanie02/11/2010Emer Loughrey is great - very thorough and there is a new female GP in her first year as a GP, who I also liked.
I was able to make appointment and didn't have long wait.
Private patient.
Paul C.02/11/2010I made appointments too as a paying customer but usually had to wait. That's one reason why my GP is still in the city centre, where appointments are the rule and they are kept to.
lenni02/11/2010I've been to Inchicore Medical centre too as a private patient for myself and with my child on another occasion when looking to switch to a local GP for convenience. However I wouldn't go back to them.While they were good I Thought they were far too all about the money rather than caring about patients. I now attend a great female GP DrNiamh Kenny on Crumlin Rd. However at the moment she only sits on Thursdays but she may be taking over practice (which is currently ran by Dr Diarmuid O'Connell). She is an excellent GP and great with kids. Highly recommend her. Busy clinic in morning but you can make appointment for afternoon.
Fiona04/11/2010Thanks to everyone for all of the recommendations. I have decided to go with Emer Loughrey in the end. I dont have a medical card, so will be a private patient, so it should be ok with regard to getting appointments and seeing a specific doctor.

Thanks again!