New Apartment Block on Thomas Davis Street

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Local resident12/10/2010Hi. Does anyone have any up to date information as to what is happening with regard to the empty new apartment development on Thomas Davis Street? This seems to be almost complete, but there has been no apparent work for many months.

We got a notice from one of the councillors a few months ago, indicating that the developer was to pay a levy to DCC, which would be used to upgrade the street lighting (badly needed) and paths on Thomas Davis Street, and that the finance should be place by September. However, I've heard nothing more.

You'd wish that the developer would maintain the place by cutting the grass and clearing up the accumulation of rubbish out the front. These simple factors make the street worse than it need be.
Tommy15/10/2010I got this from Cllr Ní Dhalaigh (Sinn Féin)

We put a flyer around recently in the area but had difficulty getting into your complex.

Re St Michaels estate - the first phase will commence before the end of the year with the building of 32 residential units. They will be built at the very back near the canal. The remaining blocks will be demolished as soon as a suitable location can be found for family resource center until such time as their new center can be built.

On the CBS side there is a new primary care center nearly ready to open and a new community HSE nursing home opening early 2010.

Re Thomas Davis St Apartments - there's kinda stalemate there. The developer has not paid his levies so DCC pushing for this plus he has left without finishing off on some things. I've requested an up to date report on this.

Hope all is well.

Le dea ghui

Billy23/07/2012It belongs to NIB Bank as the Developer went bust and it will not be finished any time soon so get used to it being their in an unfinished state.