Woodfield Cottages

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Marian Mc Namee23/09/2010Is 1 Woodfield Cottages Inchicore still standing. I think that is where my grandfather James Kane was born.
James Cully24/09/2010My fathers family lived in No 11 from around 1920 till 3yrs ago No1 is still there You can just it on Google earth
linda 26/09/2010Woodfield Cottages was renamed to Woodfield Avenue sometime in the late 60's early 70's.
ben staunton09/08/2011Hi
Do you know if your father had a brother called Richard. Or maybe his father was called Richard Kane. Richard worked in C.I.E as a coachmaker.
Regards, Ben Staunton
marie26/02/2012my cousins quigleys lived in no 1 woodfield cottages inchicore from late 1930s until early l980s when it was sold and all the quigleys left a great place to be as a child i loved it there we used to play for hours and hours in woodfield
Sar Foley29/10/2013I remember the Quigley Family well, there was Ann--Nellie --Breda & Eddie , their father was from Wexford and had a great passion for hurling.
Marian Mc Namee11/11/2013Hi Ben,
Yes my grandfather James Kane had a brother Richard..any more info
Marian Mc Namee11/11/2013Hi Ben, I also found out that James Kane lived in Nash Street in the 1920's
marie15/12/2013II also remember the Foleys and Miss Gilligan and the Smee,s and the Jone's what a great place Woodfield was