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I am renting in Inchicore but am looking to buy in the CIE works. I see there are three houses for sale right now on North Terrace. I was a bit worried that all these houses have gone for sale around the same time. Does anyone know was there any recent anti-social problems or anything I need to be wary about that would have made these people all sell at the same time?
Nobbie22/09/2010Hi Sharon,

Welcome, you've come to the right website to find out info about the CIE Estate. I live in the CIE Estate but I don't live on North Terrace and haven't heard of any recent anti-social behaviour on North Terrace.

From what I can see, the houses for sale are 9, 12 and 22 North Terrace.

The Dart Underground project might be relevant to you. There are advantages and disadvantages of it.
Graham22/09/2010I live on North Terrace next to one of the homes for sale. My impression is that anti-social behaviour has gone down of late and wasn't too bad to begin with, although I'm just back from a year away. Of the people I know, I think they're all moving for personal reasons. You should certainly consult about DART Underground and think about getting involved should you buy a place on North Terrace, but it shouldn't keep you from considering North Terrace. It's a great place to live with lovely neighbours. Getting involved with the activities of Inchicore on Track and the Residents Association is more about helping shape the future of the community that you are buying a stake in.