Evening Course in Inchicore - did you get a brochure?

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Paul16/09/2010Once again this year the brochure for evening courses in Inchicore College of Further Education was not delivered to our house. I only found out about registration through word of mouth.

The woman in the college was wondering if anyone else had failed to received the brochure, which should have been distributed to houses throughout the area. I said I'd try to find out by using the website.

So - was it delivered to your street?
Mary Mc16/09/2010I didn't receive a copy nor did a friend of mine on another road.
Paul16/09/2010 Mary,
What streets are they?
Mary Mc17/09/2010Paul,
Inchicore Rd and Kickham Rd.
I have never reeived a brochure, I always have to call in to the college.
Thanks for the info.
Louise17/09/2010I received one through the door and I am on the square. L
Alan C17/09/2010I never recieved one. I'm on Inchicore Road.
Edel20/09/2010I didn't receive one on SCR
Molly20/09/2010I got one a few weeks ago. I live on Nash Street. I get on in the door every year.
Paul22/09/2010Thanks for all your info. I'll pass it on to the college and hopefully distribution of the brochure might be better next year.
Liam O' Meara09/10/2010I booked to do a course, but it was cancelled as there were not enough people booked to proceed with the course.