Turvey Avenue Cottages Demolition

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Brian Carroll10/08/2010Hi, my late uncle Leo Nolan [1904-1966] lived all his life in a terraced cottage at 20 Turvey Ave., off Emmet Rd, Inchicore.

I am researching my family history, and I am wondering if any local person knows why and when these cottages were demolished?

Thank you Brian Carroll, Newcastle West, Co Limerick
Mary Mc11/08/2010As far as I know the houses were demolished because they became derelict. The new houses were built around 1984.
Brian Carroll13/08/2010Hi Mary, many thanks for your reply to my enquiry. Do you know if the cottages were privately owned or corporation property?


P.S. My parents were married and I was christened in St Michael's Church.
Mary Mc14/08/2010Brian, I don't think they were Corporation but I am not certain.
Brian Carroll15/08/2010Hi Mary, many thanks, I will check with Dublin City Council Archive.
Pat whelan08/08/2012Brian turvey ave houses were owned by barnwell estates as were a lot of the houses in that area
Gil Galvin 16/08/2012I have just found your site and was fascinated to read about the interest in Turvey Ave as I was born in number 10 in 1939 . I was told by my parents that the whole avenue was built with the intention of having them pulled down and the owner to receive goverment compensation ..As far as I can remember back ( left there on the emigration boat to work in London when I was about 15 ).They were ,even then , declared unfit for human habitation but the funds were not available to rehouse the inhabitants , so families remained in them .I feel lucky that my brothers and sisters survived those unhealthy conditions. . Its also interesting to find out who owned them; "The Barnwell Estate " .Is that The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. or a different
Irish company .It would be surely ironical if it was, as I became a fairly well known photographer for the British Sunday magazines and for The Field Magazine and took lots of photographs of the British aristocracy including them . If it was them I would have given them a bit of my mind
Liam Hyland24/01/2013How's things Giulielmo?