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JK Coates29/07/2010Trying to trace my Great Grandfather Peter (1832-1905), born Dublin?, did apprenticeship in Great Southern & WesternRail Company Inchicore, and worked there for 20 years before moving to Bray. His sons David (B 1862) and peter (1869-1917) were also born in Inchicore and also worked in Railway. Any info much appreciated
Alan C30/07/2010You are in luck JT, the 1901 census of Ireland has recently been released online and you can search it here (as well as the 1911 census):

I believe this is the actual form your Great Grandfather filled in aged 69 living at number 3 Mill Lane Bray he an engine driver.

And his son Daivd (39), also an engine driver, whos wife was a recepeionist at Broadstone Railyway, livint at Lower Kevin Street in 1902

His son Peter is a mystery, I cant fid him in 1901, but can in 1911 aged 42 an engine fitter living at South Dock

I'm not sure if you have this information already, if not there is a lot to go on from the census archives.
JK Coates11/08/2010Alan C,
Thanks Alan for taking the trouble. I had most of the census info but didn't know about David's wife (Margaret) being a receptionist at Broadstone. I have most of the Bray links and at least eight of the clan were either engine drivers or fitters (including my own Dad (also David). I can't find out anything about Peter senior in his Inchicore days. I even tried the railway society records but all the driver/engineer records were taken away with the British when the handover took place. I wonder if there are any Coates clan still living around Inchicore?
Alan C12/08/2010Hi JK,
If you look through the thread

You will see mention of a Nancy Coates by Catherine Currivan, perhaps she shed more light on this puzzle.
Catherine Currivan23/08/2010Hi! The Peter Coates that I mentioned was my father's brother who passed away in 1984 aged 63 .He was not in CIE but worked in CB Sacks, Clondalkin all of his life. My father's family go back about two hundred years in Clondalkin village. I think my great grandfather, a John Coates, worked in the railway at one stage long long ago.
Catherine Currivan23/08/2010Hi! The Peter Coates that I mentioned was my father's brother who passed away in 1984 aged 63 .He was not in CIE but worked in CB Sacks, Clondalkin all of his life. My father's family go back about two hundred years in Clondalkin village. I think my great grandfather, a John Coates, worked in the railway at one stage long long ago.
John Coates20/09/2010Catherine, Thanks for your info. Maybe they had common ancesters in the Clondalkin line. Your great grandfather John might be a brother of the Peter I am trying to trace, especially with the rail connection. If you can share any info on where they lived, are buried, etc, I would really appreciate it. My E mail is
Gerry Walsh14/02/2011Just to add to this debate. My grandfather was Peter Coates who according the 1901 census was 6 or 7. I can't find out anything in the other census returns, but I know he was interned in Frangogh in 1916/17. His daughter, Margaret (known as Peg) is my mother and one of her brothers was also called David. I wonder are we related in some way?
John Coates19/02/2011Gerry,
it appears we are related. Can you confirm if your grandfather was Peter John Coates and was born in 1894 in Bray (Annadale Cottage, Newtown Vevey). In 1916 he was a member of the Citizen Army and fought either in Bolands Mill or Stephens Green. After the surrender he was sent to Stafford Jail (and later Frangoch?). His medals are in the National Museum. Died in 1977 and buried in St Peters in Bray.
If they are the same, then he was my father's (David Joseph) elder brother, and that makes your mother and me 1st cousins! I wasn't aware that Peter had children so I would be very interested in swapping notes.
Incidentally I have managed to trace the clan back a few more generations to Clondalkin through some very helpful contacts through this forum.
Paul Coates15/03/2011I goggled my fathers uncle Peter Coates who according to my father had fought with DeValera in Bolands Mill and found this conversation. My grandfather John had two brothers, Davey and Peter Coates who I believe were both present in Bolands Mill and apparently went on to take opposing sides during the civil war. The following link is of my grandfathers direct family. Is this the same family you are speaking of?
John Coates15/03/2011Paul, Its great to hear from you. I am trying to fill in gaps in the family tree and your grandad John was one of them! Your grandad and my dad (David or Davey) were brothers as was Peter who is mentioned above as fighting in Bolands Mill. Their Dad was Peter (the engine driver mentioned above) and mother Catherine Kelly. In order of age the siblings were Peter (B 1894), David (1896), John (1899), Mary (1901), Teresa (1905), Eileen (1906) Joseph (1910) and William(NK). I have a lot of info about them but nothing about John. If you care to contact me at I will give you what I have. Incidentally my eldest son is also Paul Coates!
To Paul Coates and Gerry Walsh18/03/2011If you spot this can you please contact me at the E mail address as given in the previous correspondence - John Coates
Gerry Walsh21/03/2011Hi John, I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I've been trying to get 2 uncles and 1 mother (mine!) to talk to me about all of this. From what I can work out, it does look like we're related, though. Will be back to you as soon as I can - relations, who'd have 'em!!!! Gerry
Brid Coates10/01/2012Hi guys, Typical Coates family, every generation has a Peter and a David. My father is Peter, his father was Peter, the Bolands Mills guy, 1916. If your still out there wondering who's who, get back to me. Regards
Paula Reid11/01/2012Hi Brid Coates,

My great-grandmother was Marianne Coates who had brothers Peter and David Coates (and 6 six other siblings) who were the children of Peter Coates and Anne Kenny. Where do you fit into the Coates Clan. My email address is
Catherine Currivan07/02/2012My maiden name was Coates. Our family were all from Clondalkin village-for a few centuries back according to Parish Records.The corner of the Fonthill and Booth Rds,across the road from St. Brigid's Well where the Kilwarden appartments are now was home to my great grandfather John Coates and his family.There is a picture of my grandad Tom as a little boy at the well outside the "rest-room" in the Mill Centre.Matthew, Peter and David are the names that keep reappearing in the family's records too! Interesting!!
John (Joe) Coates23/04/2012Brid and Catherine, I have only just spotted your contributions as I thought this topic had died out! If you are interested in exchanging info about the ancesters, I have a lot more knowledge now than when I started this query, thanks to two more relatives that i didn't know existed!
My e mail is
Meg Coates-Carey21/06/2012My great great grandfather is the original Peter Coates who is married to Catherine and were living in South Dock, Dublin in 1911. My great grandfather was Christopher Coates, who was the second youngest boy at the time of the census. According to my grandfather Christopher was a runner between the GPO and Boland Mills during 1916. Oh and the tradition of naming boys Peter, John and David has continued.
Anna Porter09/07/2014I'm coming very late to this conversation but Marianne Watters, nee Coates was my greatgrandmother. I came across the name of Peter Coates when searching for information about Pvt Patrick Stanislaus Watters who died in Gallipoli in WWI. He was Marianne's son and a brother of my Granny Annie Watters. I got the following info on
The many friends and relatives of Mr. Joseph Watters and Mrs. Watters of 15 Rathland Terrace, Kimmage Co Dublin, will be sorry to hear that they have received a report from the War Office that their son, Patrick Stanislaus, was killed in action at the Dardanelles on the 7th of August. Private Watters (17985) was attached to the B Division, 3rd Battalion RDF, Cork. Deceased was a grandson of the late Mr. Peter Coates of Bray. He was a great favorite with his chums in Cork and Dublin.
The Freeman’s Journal, 15 September 1915.
Other notes: Private Watters Medal Index Card shows him as entering the Gallipoli Theatre of Operations on 2/7/1915.
Census Information: The 1911 Census shows Private Watters parents, Joseph (Carpenter, aged 58) and “Mary Anne” (aged 58), residing at, No. 15, Rathland Terrace, also present were their son and daughters, Annie Christina (aged 28), Cathleen Mary (aged 25), Eileen Mary (aged 22) and Francis (aged 14); they stated that during their marriage they had sixteen children, eleven of whom were alive at the time of the Census. The Watters family were shown on the 1901 Census (residing at, Dark Lane, Rathmines) as follows; Joseph (Carpenter, aged 48) and Marianne (aged 48) and their children, John (aged 25), Peter (aged 22), Annie (aged 17), Kathleen (aged 15), Joseph (aged 14), Eileen (aged 12), Patrick (aged 11), Michael (aged 9), Bridget (aged 8) and Francis (aged 4).

Anna Porter12/07/2014If any of you would like a photo of Captain Davy Coates taken in 1932 please email me at and I can reply with attachment of it.
carmel29/11/2014Hi there Coates family. Im not related but have information in my files that might be of interest to ye. I see mentioned between ye someone was interred in frognoch and the mention of Bolands Mills. My grandfather and Granduncle fought at Bolands Mills and ive dowloaded a copy from sinn fein archives of a book of all irish citizens who were interred and the prisones they were interred in if you would like this sent to ye. maybe some of the photographs i have also might have your relation in them. Im unsure of who is in these photos as ive never met my grandfather and these photos have only come to light in the past few months and have no knowledge as to who is in them. you can contact me at if you would like a copy of this data
Jean Beglan02/02/2016All this information is facinating and looking forward to passing all on to my boys....especially since they are looking for stories of 1916....My granddad was John of Peter,Davy,Mary,Eileen,May,Christy etc... Spent every saturday as a Child on South Dock street...looking across at Bolands Mill
Catherine(Kathleen) Currivan14/02/2016
The John Coates here was my great grandad, originally from Clondalkin. The Thomas was my grandad. They were back in Clondalkin by 1911. We are from Clondalkin for the last five generations. There is a picture of my grandad as a little boy at St. Brigid's Well around the turn of the century. Again, the same family Christian names keep appearing!
John Coates02/03/2016Jean
Your Grandad John was my Dad's (David) younger brother. I would appreciate any info/photos etc from that era that you can share.
We are all descended from Matthew Coates (b. 1765) of Clondalkin and I think I have most of the family tree figured out at this stage.
Catherine(Kathleen) Currivan04/03/2016Matthew, another frequent name in the family. My father, another John Coates, had an uncle Matthew who use to live down at Kingswood on the Naas Rd. He died tragically aged eighty-four, in 1984, having been stabbed near his home. His brother was Davie Coates Clondalkin who died in 1994.He and my grandad, Tom, were the eldest. There was one sister who died in childbirth leaving a son and a daughter.
Sandra25/10/2016My mother, Ann, is the daughter of David (Davey) Coates. If any one needs any information I would be happy to help out.
kathleen Currivan25/10/2016Sandra, I think we may be related if your great-grandfather was John Coates from Clondalkin village. He was my great grandfather. His wife's maiden name was Behan and I think she was from the Kilteel area.I would love to see a photo of him as my dad talked about him a lot. I will be retired within the next two years and I intend to spend time on family research, Coates and Currivan.